Episode 3
Mr Yomi sighed and started explaining what turned around for his family.
"Two young men were seen carrying someone dripping in blood down to the house, everyone was completely shocked and surprised. The young men were running as fast as their legs could take them" 
"Guess who it was?" Mr Yomi asked but since no one else could tell the story better, he continued.  Everyone who cares to listen to his story moved closer. 
About 2 other inmates joined as they found Mr Yomi's story interesting. It is so surprising to know that for as long as he has been in the cell, he has never mentioned his story or what brought him into the cell to anyone. And they've never bothered to ask him.
"It was Aunty Naomi, our house help" he said as everyone interrupted with a scream.
One of the guys asked to know what could have happened, what's the cause and so many questions at the same time that even left Mr Yomi clueless to which of the questions to answer first…


Episode 2.
"My name is Yomi Cole, you see that Cole in my name it's like a pass to anywhere I want to enter in this world" the man said as he started his story. 
"Cole as I earlier mentioned is my father's name, he is a renowned businessman that deals with all round and all kind of businesses, name it, he is there. He invested from building materials to site management, real estate, clothing, transportation and even food stuff" he said with a smile on his face. 
He kept smiling as he talked about the wealth of his father. 
"My father, Joseph Cole and my mother Kemi Cole got married at a young age. My mother's family contributed most to my father's business when he was starting up, they expected much more from him but I think he disappointed them by not meeting up. So this gave my mom the opportunity to always abuse him or have her way around things. Soon enough she joined him to manage the companies and not long there was progress"
"How do…


Episode 1.
"After checking through this case, we realized that you are guilty as charged" the judge had said that afternoon. 
Immediately the judge said that, people started mumbling and grumbling but they were all called to order and everywhere went silent as a grave yard. 
This case has been on for 3 months as the court kept on pushing the days further and further which didn't stop the investigating teams from working and looking for more evidences to proof whether guilty or not.
"This is my judgement, you are hereby sentenced to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour"  People started murmuring again as the chief judge took his leave after they all have been ordered to rise. His family and friends who were present couldn't stop crying; the parents most especially as they saw their only son being taken away, handcuffed by the police.
"We tried our best possible to win this case but it's beyond us" Lawyer Ebun had said as she tried to console everyone…


Story by O'nezer
"Good morning here, anyone at home"
A man dressed in a cream color shirt with black trouser was seen at the entrance of Mr Kingsley's house.
Mr Kingsley peeped through the window and realised that the face of the man standing outside isn't familiar. 
He stopped everything he was doing to come and attend to him but before he moved too far, his mind started calculating who it could be.
Could this man be one of the power supply agent that wants to come and ask for my bills? Not at all. Kingsley already knew that if he doesn't have money at all, he must not carry paying his power bills over. 
Could it be from the water supply or where? It's not like he has an unfinished business with anyone or so. He ignored his mind and went straight to open the door.
"Good morning sir, how may I help you" curiosity was written all over Kingsley's face.  "Good morning, you are Mr Kingsley right?" The stranger asked so as to clear his doubt. &qu…


Story by O'nezer
"Mom, I don't know why God is this unfair to us, I don't know..." I started lamenting that afternoon but mom didn't even let me finish my ranting before she cut in 
"My dear, don't ever talk like that again, not again should I hear you blame God for anything we are going through".
I felt bad and I could understand that mom has been staying strong for me all along.  About 11 years ago, dad died after a brief ailment. There was no where he wasn't taken to. From one specialist to another, a lot of money has been spent and all hope was lost.
"You are sure this sickness is natural like this? Shey you won't take it through traditional ibile way" sister Ronke, one of my mom's friend advised out of how stressed they all have been since the sickness started. 
Oh, dad has been sick for almost 5 years and after several test, they still couldn't find what exactly was wrong with dad. Some people call it names that my brai…

FOLA Season 2, Episode 8

Season 2, Episode 8 (finale)
"The groom will come out now and give the vote of thanks and afterwards, Dr James will give the closing prayer" the MC had said.
Oh, I didn't tell you that James was married? He got married like a year before we met at the hospital to Grace. In one of my conversations with James, he mentioned a story of when his wife was kidnapped at age 13 by one herbalist. Immediately I could relate with the story. What a small world!
Who could ever believe that I will end up meeting the fire branded lady that led a whole herbalist to christ. I was so excited to meet her, a very reserved and calm, light skinned, not too tall young lady.
My husband did the vote of thanks and James who had graced the occasion with his wife came to give the closing prayer. Music started playing and my husband started thanking the people and I followed him. 
"Congratulations my dear brother, sorry that I couldn't make it to church.. It was my twin brother Tunbosun that dela…

FOLA Season 2, Episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7."Ok, since you said I should go first, I will but I don't even know how to say this" Josh said with a shaky voice.My palm was getting sweaty already because I'm trying so hard to fight the negativity out of my head. I don't know what I will do to myself if he eventually called this whole relationship off."I prayed and had my conviction severally so as to know the mind of God if he really wants me to marry you or not but all the signs were pointer that it's a yes!" The way Josh was saying all this, my heart was beating so fast and loud. I doubt if Josh wasn't hearing the way my heart was beating. He locked his fingers into mine and he continued with what he was saying but my palms were still sweaty and my head had started banging.Aside from the church pastor of where Josh worships, he has one other pastor, Tunde by name that they both went to same school and he was always talking about him but I haven't met him in person b…